March 21, 1979 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Henry Perrin Beatty

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Perrin Beatty (Wellington-Grey-Dufferin-Waterloo):

Mr. Speaker my question is addressed to the Minister of State (Fitness and Amateur Sport): it relates to Loto Canada. Early in March, Loto Canada attempted to boost lagging ticket sales for draw 12 by issuing to wholesalers hundreds of gold pouches containing $5 cheques and instructing wholesalers that retailers were to receive one $5 gold pouch for each 25 tickets purchased.
Can the minister confirm that, since Loto Canada decided that retailers could keep these $5 cheques even if they returned for a refund the tickets they had ordered from Loto Canada, it is clearly possible for retailers to put in last-minute orders for tickets they know they cannot sell, simply in order to collect the $5 gold pouches?
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Subtopic:   LOTO CANADA
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