March 19, 1979 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


John George Diefenbaker

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Diefenbaker:

I have no hesitation in saying that there was nothing said in derogation of yourself. That stand I take. There is no other stand I could take when I did not have any word for seven, eight or nine days, having pointed out that there was no reference to this motion of mine. I made it here from my seat. It was heard and it was known of. It did not appear in Hansard. Why, it is not for me to say. Whatever takes place of that kind in the House of Commons must appear in Hansard.
I can understand the incongruity of the position, a motion having been passed and bringing in the Secretary of State for External Affairs as the seconder. I, foolishly, decided I did not want to embarrass him and that is why I immediately announced that it was moved by me and seconded by my hon. friend, the hon. member for Vegreville. Anyone who interprets

March 19, 1979
Privilege-Mr. R. Stewart
what I said as any derogation of yourself is simply not stating the facts.

Subtopic:   PRIVILEGE
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