March 15, 1979 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Prosper Boulanger


Mr. Prosper Boulanger (Mercier):

Mr. Speaker, I want to speak to that. In view of the few minutes left, I might not be able to go into as much detail as I would have liked. As 1 will be referring to notes that were prepared for me in English I will be speaking mainly in English about the cost of the documents.

The cost of tabling the contract documents as requested by the hon. member for Winnipeg South Centre (Mr. McKenzie) would be excessive. In our view, the existing process of disseminating contracting information to the public has significant benefits in terms of prudence and probity in the use of taxpayers' funds and equity of opportunity for interested suppliers. For example, the supply administration's contracting system encourages government agencies to take advantage of the DSS policy to buy if something can be bought more effectively and cheaply in the private sector than it can be "made" within government. By wide dissemination of contracting information and opportunities, business is encouraged to increase its share of activity in providing goods or services which the government may have provided in the past. 1 will describe a number of examples of make or buy initiatives that are well known to Canadian suppliers.
Take printing for example. Printing encompasses the two distinct modes, the "make" manufacturing printing performed in the main plant, Hull-

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