March 7, 1979 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Donald Campbell Jamieson (Secretary of State for External Affairs)


Hon. Donald C. Jamieson (Secretary of State for External Affairs):

Mr. Speaker, I was, of course, more than happy to

March 7, 1979
Oral Questions
see the right hon. member's motion, as were all members of the House.
The Prime Minister was given, as I believe he indicated to the House, a briefing on the Middle East situation in Washington on Saturday. In addition, it has been known for some time that we have indicated to all of the parties concerned, including the United States, that if there is, for example, a United Nation's component in any force that may be established as part of the peacekeeping mechanism, we will consider most sympathetically participation in that kind of exercise.
If, in addition to that, the various parties, including Israel and Egypt, were to see some other advantages or role for Canada, in that case also we would respond in as forthcoming a way as possible to any request.
Mir. Roche: In addition to any possible extension of our peacekeeping role, specifically, has the government engaged in consultations that could lead to stronger Canadian economic relationships with Israel and Egypt that would reflect our conviction that a great era of economic and social development lies ahead in the whole Middle East once the pillar of peace is put in place?

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