December 15, 1978 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Heath Nelson Macquarrie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Heath Macquarrie (Hillsborough) moved:

That, in the opinion of this House, a special joint committee of the Senate and the House of Commons should be established to consider the advisability of taking an initiative in promoting closer commercial and cultural relations between the Dominion of Canada and the communities of the Commonwealth Caribbean and that inter alia such committee should consider (a) subsidization of sea-borne transport between this country and the Commonwealth area (A) Canadian governmental assistance in the upgrading of the seaports of Atlantic Canada (c) such tariff changes as might facilitate the exchange of commodities between the two areas id) encouragement of the exchange of students of the two areas (e) recommending assistance towards meetings of political business and

Commonwealth Caribbean
educatioal leaders of the two regions with a view to stimulating a north-south exchange of goods, people, services and technology in a mutually advantageous way.
He said: Mr. Speaker, to me this is not a new subject. As some of the veterans like the venerable hon. member for Winnipeg North Centre (Mr. Knowles) will know, it is not a new interest of mine.
Whatever else is uncertain in this political career, and I have found it more uncertain than ever in the last few months, this will certainly be my last notice of motion speech on anything.
I have found that while it is quite a treat and, indeed, sometimes an extremely difficult thing to get into the House of Commons, 1 am among a small group of people who are finding it quite difficult to get out at the date of our choosing.

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