December 5, 1978 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Max Saltsman

New Democratic Party

Mr. Saltsman:

Mr. Speaker, it is quite clear that whatever the intentions of the government were, its policies are not working, unemployment is increasing and it looks as if it will continue to increase. Just to give the minister another figure from the labour force statistics which were released today- rather startling statistics-the service sector lost 22,000 jobs in November.
As this is unquestionably a result of the reduction in consumer spending, at the very least will the government reconsider its position to withdraw the $250 million in purchasing power from the economy in the first months of 1979 as a result of the reduction in family allowance payments from $28 to $20? Will the government at least defer that proposal in order to ensure purchasing power is maintained at a high level?

Subtopic:   FINANCE
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