November 20, 1978 (30th Parliament, 4th Session)


Donald James Johnston


Mr. Johnston (Westmount):

1 should like to close, Mr. Speaker, on a rather more serious note. I said earlier that Canada has enormous potential, and the Leader of the Opposition agrees with that. We have a tremendous asset base and we have a population that can exploit that base. The constituent elements of economic growth, as we all know, basically consist of the marriage of resources, labour and capital. We need capital in this country, Mr. Speaker. Unfortunately, political uncertainty does not create a secure environment to attract capital, be it Canadian or foreign.
We in the Westmount riding, Mr. Speaker, are on the front line of the battle not only to save our own economy in Quebec and that of Canada, but to save the country itself. The people in the Westmount riding, be they French-speaking or Englishspeaking, live with this problem every day. I believe that the people of Westmount, like the troops on the front line of a battle, are in a better position to judge what kind of leadership and what kind of leader is required to win that battle than the reserve troops who are stationed many miles away. I say to you, Mr. Speaker, that the vote on October 16 whereby the Liberal party was given an overwhelmingly increased percentage majority compared with 1974 was a message which the people on the front line sent to the people of Canada. And they sent a message that was loud and clear, Mr. Speaker.

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