December 5, 1910 (11th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Some hon. MEMBERS


_ Mr. JAMESON. Mr. Speaker, this Bill is identical with one which I introduced last session, but which, at the request of a member of the government, for certain reasons in the public interest, reasons which do not now exist-I refer to the then impending Hague arbitration-I did not press at that time. The Bill relates only to vessels of Canadian register engaged, or intending to engage, in the Atlantic fisheries of Canada. The object of the Bill is to facilitate the movements of vessels employed in fisTiing, more especially those engaged in the fresh fish branch of the industry. It will be purely optional with the owners of such craft to apply for licenses, and so bring their vessels under the operation of the Act, but during the time any vessel is under license her employment is limited to the fishing trade. A Bill to be introduced concurrently with this one is intended to amend the Customs Act, and exempt vessels licensed under this Act from the necessity of reporting at the customs house, the two Acts being essential to that end. As the law stands a fishing vessel is liable to a penalty of $400 if she lands her fish, or even drops anchor in harbour without reporting. This is a serious drawback to the fresh fish business, which cannot afford any delays, which it is hoped this legislation will remove.

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