May 16, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


James Alexander Jerome (Speaker of the House of Commons)


Mr. Speaker:

Order, please. The hon. member for Yukon raises a valid point, one that ought to be explained to the House. The discretion is in the Chair as to whether or not any question of privilege raised can be deferred until three o'clock or the end of the question period, or whether it is of such a nature that it ought to be taken up forthwith before proceeding further with the question period.
(Mr. Speaker.]
May 16, 1978

Obviously, with respect to a matter of unparliamentary language, as I dealt with yesterday in the case of the hon. member for Saskatoon-Biggar when he had made a remark which I found to be unparliamentary, and, incidentally with respect to the point raised by the hon. member for Edmonton West, I did not find that based on any accusation regarding the Prime Minister's conduct in respect to the House but on a general accusation, the hon. member for Saskatoon-Biggar rose in his place and withdrew that remark forthwith.
The fact of the matter is that once the Chair has drawn disorder to the attention of the House, the disorder exists and the House cannot proceed in the face of a disorder and a finding of disorder by the Chair. Had the hon. member for Joliette done precisely the same today as the hon. member for Saskatoon-Biggar did yesterday, the question period would have continued. However, the Chair, it seems to me has no choice in the face of a finding of disorder, in permitting the question period, or any other proceedings for that matter, to go on, when in fact disorder has been found by the Chair. That is a discretion which the Chair has to exercise every day.

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