May 16, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Gilles Caouette

Social Credit

Mr. Gilles Caouette (Temiscamingue):

Mr. Speaker, my question is directed to the Minister of Finance. Since we have been informed today that the generous handouts of the federal government in the sales tax field were made at the expense of the provinces and that they have been forced to increase their taxes by $100, we can appreciate the attitude of the government and its sincerity in helping people. Considering that the Quebec minister of finance has decided to help productive sectors with this tax reduction, that is furniture, textiles and footwear, and that the province of Quebec had every right to use these funds as it saw fit, what does the minister propose to do to respect those decisions and to give to everybody equal opportunities of obtaining his fair share of the refund made by the federal government and not only to those who file a federal income return?

Subtopic:   FINANCE
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