May 16, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Joseph Clark (Leader of the Official Opposition)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Clark:

Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Finance should stop worrying about buying fur coats and address himself to the question of why his government is proposing a measure that clearly penalizes the poor in two ways: first, by ignoring some 2.2 million Quebeckers who would have been able to take advantage of sales tax cuts as proposed by the government of Quebec and, second, by introducing a sliding-scale arrangement.
Our estimates show that there are some 150,000 Quebeckers who in the 1977 tax year paid less than $85 in income tax. Consequently, they will be receiving less than $85 through this arrangement-less than the rich in terms of the benefits of this proposal. Why did the Minister of Finance not introduce some measure, if he intended going to this extreme, that was more equitable than giving more to the rich and less to the poor, as he is proposing in this measure?

Subtopic:   FINANCE
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