March 16, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Heath Nelson Macquarrie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Macquarrie:

-but these people will be well treated. Those who join the department from Prince Edward Island will include many fine people who will maintain the quality of service which is provided. This is a department dedicated to looking after a select group of Canadians, those who bore hardship and endured the struggle at times of national peril. While I think it is wise to have all the information before us, nobody concerned should consider that they were taken by surprise. Sooner or later, decentralization was bound to strike Prince Edward Island. Surely somewhere along the line, if Camrose, Alberta, or whatever it is called up in the north, which the Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce (Mr. Horner) is presently representing, can get the Farm Credit Corporation, Prince Edward Island is entitled to something.
I am firmly convinced that the decentralization of bureaucracy is a good thing. The more we can get the Canadian people to look upon this great structure of government as being their own, the better. We saw the cabinet moving about the west-

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