February 28, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Sinclair McKnight Stevens

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Stevens:

Perhaps the hon. member should do that, instead of talking about something he does not have one tittle of knowledge about.
There is an opportunity in Canada, if the Bank Act is revised to permit international banking activities in Canada under proper regulation. That opportunity should not be missed. It is most unfortunate the Minister of Finance, the hon. member for Rosedale (Mr. Macdonald) and the Hon. John Turner have systematically postponed the revision to the Bank Act. I will go through the sequence of how they did that tomorrow. It is unfortunate that on the eve of the first extension to the Bank Act there is a request for a further one-year extension from the end of March. That is the first point I should like to make.

Subtopic:   BANK ACT
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