February 28, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Lorne Edmund Nystrom (Whip of the N.D.P.)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Lome Nystrom (Yorkton-Melville):

Mr. Speaker, I rise under the provisions of Standing Order 43 to move a motion of urgent and pressing necessity. The Minister of Agriculture (Mr. Whelan) on Friday last announced a miserly stabilization payment of $10.27 for cow-calf producers. Since calf producers are losing as much as $100 for every calf they raise, and many of them are facing bankruptcy, I move, seconded by the hon. member for Regina-Lake Centre (Mr. Benjamin):
That this House condemns the payment as inadequate and directs the Minister of Agriculture to bring forward revisions to the Agricultural Stabilization Act to provide for payments to cover the full cost of production.

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