February 27, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles-Eugène Dionne

Social Credit

Mr. Dionne (Kamouraska):

Indeed. All sorts of things happen but if you consider the problem, they always meet about taxation rights. Who will best be served by knowing how much money Canadian taxpayers have? If reality consists in products and if the financier simply has to make symbols, the symbol acquires importance because of the rule under which you have to present the symbol to have the product that you do not manufacture yourself. Bread feeds you, but when you do not make your own bread, you can only get some by giving

February 27, 1978
Adjournment Debate
money. Money is important since it is a prerequisite to having bread. This is extremely important in today's world because to survive everyone needs products made by others. Therefore the dollar sign is truly a permit to live. If you have this permit, you can get what you want from the production system. If you do not have this permit, the dollar, you will get nothing and the production system will slow down instead of serving you.
Control of money and credit therefore is the same as the control of peoples' life. It is not a coincidence that one of the highest doctrinal authorities in the world said in the encyclic that manipulators of money and credit hold economic life in their hands, so much so that no one can breathe without their consent. The encyclic has been praised many times. The words of the Pope of the time have been lauded, but his advice has never been followed. We have never tried. We have never made sufficient investigations on the issuing of money and there still are problems that cannot be solved. This is unfortunate. Even though the majority of members of parliament are sincere when they say they would like to find answers, I can tell them that I am convinced that I am right and that those who will live in the years after me will find that out. If the present financial system is not modified, we will continue to be constantly in debt and we will always have the same problems. A change, a radical change is needed in that area, as well as earnest people. Yet there are people who can understand that the money system must be adjusted to the needs of man since money must be a servant not a master.

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