February 27, 1978 (30th Parliament, 3rd Session)


John Carnell Crosbie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. John C. Crosbie (St. John's West):

Mr. Speaker, 1 rise on a matter of urgent and pressing necessity. In view of the reports of wholesale theft and fraudulent conversion, without colour of right, but attempting to appear to the right, of policies and principles of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada by pragmatic Liberal swingers at the weekend Liberal policy-swiping convention in Ottawa, and in view of the hanging given by liberal swingers to the leftist, state-ist and collectivist view of the Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau) as enunciated by him in rare but candid and frank New Year's confessions between electoral bouts, I move, seconded by the hon. member for Hamilton West (Mr. Alexander):
That this House direct the Minister of Justice to investigate and to charge the Liberal Party of Canada with theft of policies and principles of the PC party, though not with use of the same, and that the courts be informed that a plea for mercy be considered in view of the desperation as to electoral prospects that induced the said theft and fraudulent conversion.

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