May 3, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



A report is going around the corridors of the House that the Bank of Montreal subscribed $25,000 of the gift.
There is not a word of truth in that statement. The Bank of Montreal did not subscribe one dollar to that fund. That 1 assert. And I made inquiry at once when I saw the paragraph about it.
The Dominion Iron and Steel Company are also said to have contributed a very large sum toward the presentation.
Concerning this I have not the personal knowledge I have of the statement with regard to the Bank of Montreal, but I do not believe there is a word of truth in it. At all events, if such an institution as that had been allowed to subscribe, it would be a gross breach of the understanding which was arrived at when Mr. Fielding's, testimonial was started. I will look into that further. I do not speak with the same authority as in the case of the Bank of Montreal, but I do not think there is any truth in this statement. At all events, it is not to my knowledge, and I think I ought to know if there i3 anything of that kind.
Sir, I have only to repeat what I have, already stated; not a dollar has come into that fund except from honest, legitimate sources. And I do not believe that that which was done for Sir John Macdonald could not be done also for Mr. Fielding. I do not believe that there is a man in this House who, knowing Mr. Fielding as we know him, would believe that he has com sented to put his hand upon a dollar the receipt of which would prevent him from looking his opponents in the face. The honour of Mr. Fielding is above reproach. This I say with full confidence that my word will awake an echo, not only in this House, but throughout the length and breadth of this land. The hon. member for Algoma (Mr. Boyce) told us that his curiosity-curiosity!-had been aroused by what has taken place. I am glad to relieve his feelings, and I am sure he will be glad to know that the suspicion he had in his mind had no foundation whatever.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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