August 4, 1977 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. Fortin

1. Does the manual used for training claim control officers at the Quebec regional office of the UIC specify on page 45, that it is better not to inform the claimant that any statement he makes might be used against him, in spite of the intimation of the court that enquiry officers must give a statutory notification to the individuals they are going to question and, if so, for what reason?
2. Does the manual also state on page 46, that the claimant has to declare that he has read the unemployment insurance booklet which accompanies the claim form in order to bring it to the attention of the court if the accused pleads his ignorance of the law and, if so (a) does the UIC suggest that the booklet is complete enough to enable a person who has read it to know all the provisions of the Act (b) in view of the complex nature of the Act and of the fact that the claimant could be intimidated by the presence of the enquiry officer while being asked whether he has read the booklet, could the use by UIC of the answer to that question be considered malicious and even fraudulent?

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