April 29, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frank Oliver (Minister of the Interior; Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs)



Mr. Speaker, last night the hon. member for Portage la Prairie (Mr. Meighen) asked certain questions which I was not able to answer at the' time, regarding certain grievances, which I may mention as follows : Over
classification of grades; the necessity for sufficient registration of terminal elevators; the necessity of preventing the eliminating of competition by terminal elevators and Mr. AYLESWORTH.
other elevators; the further elimination of competition by the Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Pacific railways leasing their terminal facilities to alien interests. He said :
The government purposes to apply some remedy in an indifferent way to one of these grievances. I would like to ask the members of the government who were present at that interview why it is that the application of a remedy to the other three grievances is being deferred by the government?
In reply, I beg to say that I was in the office of the Minister of Trade and Commerce when Messrs. McKenzie and Hen-ders, representing the Western Grain Growers Association, were there for the purpose of presenting their views regarding possible improvements in grain trade conditions. If I remember correctly the securing of amending .legislation was not the chief purpose of their representations. As I understood it was not so much to advise as to legislation as to suggest to the government the propriety of removing the lake front elevators from operation by persons or companies who were traders _ in grain; preferably to secure their operation by the government. The government has had the suggestion under careful consideration, but it was felt that the matter was one of such importance as to require more full and careful consideration than could be given it in order to reach a satisfactory decision before the close of the present session. The government has been keeping a careful scrutiny of the work of the elevators, with the result that action has recently been taken that may be expected to have a material effect in improving conditions.

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