March 12, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Louis Philippe Demers


Mr. L. P. DEMERS (St. John and Iberville).

(Translation.) Mr. Speaker, I beg to introduce Bill (No. 41) in amendment of the Supreme and Exchequer Courts. The object of this Bill is to constitute the Supreme Court into a mere federal court, having jurisdiction in all civil and criminal matters, in all cases relating to the constitution, to the laws of the Dominion, to admiralty matters and to navigation laws. Further, in all suits to which the Dominion government will be a party ; in all cases between two or more provinces ; between a province and a private individual living in another province ; between private individuals from different provinces ; between private individuals claiming some real estate, in virtue of claims emanating from different provinces ; and between a province and private individuals belonging to another province or private individuals -of the same province.

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