March 15, 1977 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Stanley Howard Knowles (N.D.P. House Leader)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Stanley Knowles (Winnipeg North Centre):

Mr. Speaker, my motion relates to a different subject but one of equal seriousness and urgency. I move, seconded by the hon. member for Humber-St. George's-St. Barbe (Mr. Marshall):
That this House urges the Minister of Veterans Affairs to introduce the necessary amendments to the Pension Act so that the compensation for prisoners of war provided therein will apply to escapers and evaders, in accordance with representations made recently to the minister by the Canadian Branch of the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society, and also to the limited number of Canadian veterans still living who were prisoners of war during World War I, as recommended by the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs in its report to the House on June 12, 1975.

Subtopic:   PENSION ACT
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