March 15, 1977 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lincoln MacCauley Alexander

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Lincoln M. Alexander (Hamilton West):

Mr. Speaker, pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order 43 I request the unanimous consent of the House to move a motion concerning a matter of urgent and pressing necessity. In view of the alarming revelation of Statistics Canada that 932,000 Canadians are unemployed, the highest number of unemployed ever, keeping in mind that the hidden jobless added thereto undoubtedly indicates that unemployment has definitely passed the million mark, an unacceptable and indefensible state of affairs given the productive capacity of this nation, and in view of the fact that it is now an undisputed fact that this country is in the midst of a national crisis of catastrophic and disastrous proportions requiring immediate government action, I move, seconded by the hon. member for St. John s East (Mr. McGrath):
That this House condemns the government and in particular the Minister of Finance for not having introduced a budget by now, thus totally ignoring the advice and predictions of the Conference Board of Canada and others, all of whom have predicted for some time this crisis, failing government action; further; that this House demands that the Minister of Finance on motions tomorrow indicate what meaningful, concrete and immediate steps the government will take in order to deal with and reverse this trend of increasing unemployment; and further, because of the time lag of months involved before the proposed budget will have any effect, that this House directs the Minister of Finance to introduce a budget within one week involving tax cuts for middle and lower income Canadians, stimulus for growth and as well a definitive statement of intention regarding the decontrol and postcontrol periods.

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