April 19, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Findlay Maclean

Independent Conservative


Is it not good practice to regard the constitution as something progressive? There is nothing wrong in Canadians suggesting in their parliament the right to limit the prerogatives of the Crown. If Canada is similar in constitution to Great Britain, and if the parliament of Britain can limit the prerogatives of the Crown, is it wrong for Canadians to assert the same power? I, for one, am not afraid to take that view. I prefer to see a constant assertion, in all these constitutional provisions, more and more of the right of Canada to equality in legislation with the mother country. ' If the mother country has greater freedom than we have in regard to this question or any question, I say that, as a daughter state, we ought to assert that right, maintain it and achieve it. And I take it that these changes are in Sir WILFRID LAURIER.
the line of constitutional progress and in the line of asserting the right to control and responsibility in these matters.

Topic:   M. J. A. CURRIE.
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