April 19, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



I desire to move an amendment to paragraph (b) which will read as follows:
Strike out the words 'Marine and Fisheries' and substitute for the same 'naval service.'
This will give me an opportunity of explaining the resolution which I moved yesterday for the organization of the naval .service. In order to understand the amendment which I now suggest to substitute for * Marine and Fisheries ' the word ' naval service,' I propose to explain what the naval service shall be and what it shall consist of. At the present time the Department of Marine and Fisheries is loaded with several public services. There is perhaps no department of the government which exercises so wide a jurisdiction over different matters of public interest as the Department of Marine -and Fisheries. It has to deal, according to law, with:
Pilots and pilotage and decayed pilots' fund.
The construction and maintenance of lighthouses, lightships, fog alarms, buoys and beacons.
Ports and harbours, harbour commissioners and harbour masters.
Piers, wharfs and breakwaters, the collection of tolls in connection therewith, and the minor repairs on such properties.
Steamships and vessels belonging to the government of Canada engaged in connection with services administered by the minister.
Sick and distressed seamen, and the establishment, regulation and maintenance of marine and seamen's hospitals.
River and harbour police.
Humane establishments.
Life-boat service, and rewards for saving life.
Inquiries into causes of shipwrecks and casualties and the collection of wreck statistics.
Inspection of steamboats, examination of engineers, and inquiry into accidents to steamers and the conduct of engineers.
Examination of masters and mates.
234b B-4
Registration and met sureraent of shipping, and preparation of return of registered shipping of Canada.
Meteorological and magnetic service.
Tidal observatioins on the coasts of Canada. Climatology of Canada.
Inspection of vessels carrying live stock from Canada to Europe.
Shipping of Seamen, shipping masters, and shipping offices. .
Winter communication between Prince Pel-ward Island and the mainland by steamer and ice boats.
Hydrographic surveys.
Administration of deck-load law, and the subject of deck and load lines.
Removal of wrecks and other obstructions in navigable waters. .
Sea coast and inland fisheries, the management, regulation and protection thereof, ana everything relating thereto and the payment of fishing bounties. _
Deepening and maintaining the St. Lawrence ship channel from Montreal to the sea. Administration of Sorel snip yard.
Wireless telegraph service.
These the Department of Marine and Fisheries has assigned to it. In discussing the organization of the department with my hon. friend (Mr. Bro-deur) who now presides over it and whose continued absence -tram the House we still deplore, he thought it advisable, or he had in mind, at all events, to divide the department constituting two departments within the same department. What was obviously too much business for one department might perhaps not have been enough for two, but now that it is proposed to have a navy, it is- quite evident that it would not be possible to have the whole of this included in the same department. Therefore, the intention of the government is to create a new department to be called the Department of the Naval Service. Later on, when we come to the proper moment, I will move the following addition:
4a. There shall be a department of the government of Canada which shall be called the Denartment of the Naval Service, over which the Minister of Marine and Fisheries for the time being shall preside, and he shall be the Minister of the Naval Service.
4b. The Governor in Council may also appoint an officer who shall be called the deputy minister of the naval service, who shall be the deputy head of the department, and may also appoint such other officers and clerks as are requisite for the due administration of the business of the department, each of whom, shall hold office during pleasure.
This department shall be charged with the

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