October 27, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John (Jack) Henry Horner

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Horner:

I will permit a queston in due course, but not right now. You had 25 minutes to speak and have allowed me only five. At the time of the stabilization bill the price of wheat was so low that there was no way the farmer could benefit from stabilization at that low price. When it was passed in the last session, at a time when the price of wheat was $5 a bushel, the concept was different. All farmers who participated in the grain stabilization program should be truly grateful for the Conservative party and the work it did. I might mention also in all fairness the assistance we received from the NDP on that particular point. They like to claim all the credit, and I think I am being over-generous in giving them a little.
The interesting thing about Bill C-2 is that this is the first piece of federal legislation which also assists the Alberta treasury branch and says that the Alberta treasury branch will be considered as a bank. There have been many debates before in this House of Commons and I have often argued in respect of similar legislation that the Alberta treasury branch should be included.
I well remember when a former minister of agriculture, my friend's predecessor, the then hon. member for Medicine Hat, and I argued that point. He was unreceptive to it. So I want to thank the minister. He has learned from the errors of his predecessor. However, he has not learned the lesson in respect of his grand design about controlling everything. This piece of legislation smacks of a little bit more control being sought by the federal government. Mr. Speaker, may I call it six o'clock.

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