October 27, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John (Jack) Henry Horner

Progressive Conservative

Mr. J. H. Horner (Crowfoot):

Mr. Speaker, in rising to take part in the debate on Bill C-2 I cannot help but note that the hon. member ended his remarks by wishing the bill very speedy passage through the House because of the great need for this legislation across Canada. There would have been a great deal more speed had he not recited all the little goodies he thinks his great idol has brought before agriculture in Canada. He even went so far as to suggest that it was a great stroke of business to change the Wheat Board Act so that the final payment cheques would not go out in the same year. He did not say that the reason that happened was that they were paid out on October 1 of one year because there was an election on October 30 and they wanted to make certain that the farmers knew who was paying out the money. It kind of backfired that time.
Then he went on to suggest that the speakers on this side of the House who held up the grain stabilization bill in 1971 would rue the day. He did not say that any astute statistician or mathematician who studied the facts should come to the opposition members and thank us because the price of wheat was so low that in no way could we have been wrong in holding up that piece of legislation in 1971.

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