October 19, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Edward Broadbent

New Democratic Party

Mr. Edward Broadbent (Oshawa-Whitby):

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of my colleagues in the House I would like to join with the government House leader in extending our very warmest personal wishes to the hon. member for Malpeque (Mr. MacLean). As the government House leader has said, during his 25 years in the House the hon. member has distinguished himself as one of the truly exceptional gentlemen of this House, and that is said in the most positive sense. He is a man of honesty, integrity and personal commitment to the wellbeing of his constituents.
In expressing wishes for continuing good health and personal happiness to the hon. member in the most genuine fashion on behalf of my colleagues I, of course, want to make it abundantly clear that we do not extend these good wishes into the political domain. I am sure the hon. member understands that. We wish him well as he returns to his native island. We hope the political success he confronts there is not at all commensurate with the 100 per cent personal success we wish him.

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