October 19, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Allan Joseph MacEachen (President of the Privy Council; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons; Liberal Party House Leader)


Hon. Allan J. MacEachen (Acting Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, I feel it a considerable honour to have the opportunity to speak on the question of privilege which has been raised by the hon. member for Malpeque (Mr. MacLean).
I am sure that each and every member of the House shares the regret I feel at his departure from the House of Commons

October 19, 1976
Privilege-Mr. MacLean
after such a long and successful service. He was in the House of Commons when I entered in 1953. He had been elected in a by-election, I believe, in 1951, and when I entered, I regarded him as a well established veteran of the House.
Since that time he has added lustre to the chamber by his industry, his integrity and by the way in which he associated on a personal basis with members of the House in all parties. As a minister he performed exceedingly well, and following his departure from the ministry he has served as a member of the opposition, on committees and in the House of Commons in an extremely effective way. However, I believe all of us will remember Angus MacLean mostly for his personal qualities, his readiness to extend friendship and his high integrity.
He is leaving the House to take on new responsibilities, and judging from recent events he does not require good wishes from me in order to discharge those responsibilities.

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