October 18, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Harris Hees

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Hees:

Well, we just take it election by election. First of all we win the by-elections and then we win the general election. As my colleagues around me point out, it is obviously a great night for the nobodies. The latest results from Newfoundland are as follows: Crosbie, Conservative, 9,939; Mayo, NDP, 7,152; Innes, Liberal, 3,755.
Now, Mr. Speaker, having dealt with the really important matters this evening 1 Will just speak very briefly on what led to these electoral disasters on the part of the government. At the end of the two day meeting of the Liberal members of parliament on September 8 and 9 the Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau) was asked by the press what assessment he had made as to why the popularity of the government had sunk so low. He gave one reason and one reason only. He said it was simply because of the people's disenchantment with the antiinflation program which he said, to use his own words, was "trampling on people's expectations".
In making such a reply the Prime Minister either had not listened to his members of parliament or, if he had, he had paid no attention to what they said, because the Prime Minister heard from his constituents, Liberal members heard from theirs, and we heard from ours exactly the same story, and that was that the people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with this government for two main reasons. By far the most important of these reasons is the Prime Minister's increasing habit of disregarding the wishes of the people.

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