October 18, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Angus MacLean

Progressive Conservative

Mr. MacLean:

However, I do not agree with the theory that over urbanization is inevitable or that the use in a prodigal way of non renewable resources to fuel that kind of industry is justified. I will do Mr. Schumacher the honour of quoting from his book in this connection:
First of all, and most obviously, there are the fossil fuels. No one, I am sure, will deny that we are treating them as income items although they are undeniably capital items. If we treated them as capital items, we should be concerned with conservation; we should do everything in our power to try and minimise their current rate of use; we might be saying, for instance, that the money obtained from the realisation of these assets-these irreplaceable assets-must be placed into a special fund to be devoted exclusively to the evolution of production methods and patterns of living which do not depend on fossil fuels at all or depend on them only to a very slight extent.

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