October 18, 1976 (30th Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Angus MacLean

Progressive Conservative

Mr. MacLean:

Perhaps I could be pardoned if I read a small quotation from it. As reported in Hansard of October 18, 1951, in the debate on the throne speech of that year I said on that occasion:
I maintain that if industry were brought to the outlying sections of our country the economy of the country would be improved, as would the social life in those areas. I would say too that children brought up in small towns and villages and in the country have an advantage over those brought up in the larger cities, who must live among the flashing lights and the ringing bells. The child of the modern city must feel something like a ball in a pin-ball machine. On the other hand a child living in the country either consciously or unconsciously comes to recognize that he is part of God's creation, a fact that stands him in good stead in later years.

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