April 12, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Gerald King



One might name a great many, but I perhaps would do injustice to individual concerns were I to single any out. I might do injustice for thi3 reason that while there has been a rise in prices, that has been due in many cases to a large number of causes. The legislation we are proposing is legislation which will afford an examination into the business of every large concern, where there is reason to believe that a combine is operating to an undue disadvantage of the public; and until an examination of its business had taken place, I would hesitate to say that it has been acting unfairly. The fact that the increase in prices, and the formation of these large mergers, anid! combines have taken place simultaneously, has created in the minds of the people a strong impression that the two are intimately connected, and the public are demanding some kind of legislation which will enable them to see whether they are right or wrong in that particular.

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