April 12, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Gerald King



I am comng to that point a little later on. Recently the House at Washington ordered a special investigation into the causes of the increased cost of food, and other products. I have here a report from the Secretary of the Department of Commerce and Labour, transmitting tables giving percentages of the increase in prices of food and other products. This investigation corroborates in many details that made by the Canadian Department of Labour, showing that prices have increased during the last decade from 25 up to 50 and 70 per cent in the different classes of commodities in the United States. A comparison between the movement of prices in this country and the United States and Great Britain would go to show that, in all three countries, they have risen materially, but that the rise has been more considerable in the United States than in Canada, and in Canada than in Great Britain.

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