March 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Simpson Sproule

Conservative (1867-1942)


I wish to read the following statement to show that these buildings are being used as I have said a moment ago. I have here the Dawson ' Daily News ' of February 14, and it says :
Arrangements have been made for the city council to hold its first session, March 3, in the geld commissioner's court room. Other sessions of the council likely will also be held there indefinitely.
The city clerk and the mayor's offices, according to an intimation given by Governor Ross seme time ago, likely will be in the quarters at present occupied by tax collector E. Ward Smith. It is a large room and easily will accommodate all.
The gold commissioner's court room will be well adapted for the council. The judge's bench will do for the mayor, the court clerk's desk for the city clerk, and the barristers' long table

for the six councilman. All are close together, and on the sides will he ample room for the press reporters tables and the rear will accommodate the public.
It has been deemed much better for the city to accept quarters in the administration building at the outset than to endeavour to provide a building for Itself. The expense attendant on getting the young municipality on Its feet is the prime cause for accepting the courtesies extended by the Dominion government, and through the efforts of Governor Ross the way was first paved.
I have another issue of the same paper and it refers to a question which I wish to bring to the attention of the minister and to ask him if there is any truth in it. It says :
C. M. Woodworth, the barrister, arrived on the White Pass stage at noon. Mr. Woodworth has been absent several months, and for a portion of the time was in Ottawa. While there he was twice the guest of the Governor General and was entertained by two of the cabinet ministers, and met many of the other ministers and officials.
According to Mr. Woodworth, the Yukon will be granted parliamentary representation the present session of parliament, and may be allowed two members.
I would like to ask the minister if that is in contemplation. If so, we have had no information of it so far.

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