March 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



My hon. friend would not like to see that whole point occupied, I am inclined to think, with public buildings. Something can he said for keeping a portion of it free. It is proposed to erect the mint in that vicinity close by the Printing Bureau, but even that has been objected to by the military authorities. Speaking for myself, my sympathies run strongly in the direction of having more public buildings where we can accommodate the business of all the departments in buildings belonging to the government. But I am not prepared to admit that these rents are extravagant, as the hon. member for York (Mr. Maclean) contends. It is quite possible these rents may represent a reasonable return to the capitalists, and not an extravagant return. We have undertaken the erection of buildings in Ottawa, which, in round numbers will reach doubtless $1,000,000. I do not think I am wrong when I say that taking the proposed new museum, which, necessarily will be a large building, the mint and the observatory, you will find that we are undertaking to add to our buildings in Ottawa to the extent of about $1,000,000, which, I think, is a liberal allowance, and I think it would not be too much to wait a year or two before we add to our obligations for other buildings in Ottawa, although I quite admit it is better to have a number of good public buildings, even if they may be scattered somewhat through the city, than to be compelled to rent a lot of third floors and places of that kind.
Rents, repairs, fuel, lighting water service, janitors, watchmen, charwomen, &c.,-Yukon public buildings, $76,500.

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