March 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



Geological Museum, Sussex Street, $600 ; French translators' office, $420. The French translators have been lately moved into the central block here, so that item will disappear. Workshops, Wellington Street, at $140, and taxes at $300 ; Examining Warehouse, Sparks Street, $850 ; Imperial building, Queen Street, $1,800 ; Central Basin, coal shed, Slater Estate, $400 ; Thistle Estate, Wellington Street, Gas Inspection, $500 ; Seybold building, $6,500. The House pronounced last year upon that. New methylated spirits warehouse and laboratory, corner of Queen and Lyon Streets, Department of Inland Revenue, $1,200 ; Marine storehouse, $300 ; Dominion Methodist Church, Queen Street, Militia and Defence, $500. This item will disappear hereafter, as we have a new store building erected. Customs Department, Wellington Street, $1,500 ;
' Molsons' Bank, Metcalfe Street, for Labour Department, $1,200 ; new building for Surveyor General's staff, corner Metcalfe and Slater Streets, $3,000 ; International Boundary Commission and Astronomical Branch, Interior Department, 26 Wellington Street, $800. That makes an approximate total of $21,000, although two items are to disappear. I do not like that state of affairs. At the same time, it would take a large amount of money to erect all the buildings that would be necessary to give the accommodation for which we now pay rent.

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