February 27, 1976 (30th Parliament, 1st Session)


Francis Alvin George Hamilton

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Hamilton (Qu'Appelle-Moose Mountain):

Mr. Speaker, in view of the fact that the Prime Minister did not see fit to answer the serious proposal I made to him on December 19 about the direction in which he is taking this country, I should like to ask him another question. In view of the fact that current economic indicators show that the recovery of Canada from the recession of 1974 was checked in the last quarter of 1975 by the application of the traditional prescriptions of the mandarins of the civil service, which have been wrong consistently over the last 30 years, would the Prime Minister himself read Chapter 20 of the Porter Royal Commission, particularly the second last paragraph which reads:
The full growth potential of the economy will only be realized if appropriate monetary and fiscal policies are combined with measures to develop the economy's skills and levels of education, to encourage saving, investment and risk-taking, and to ensure that production is organized efficiently.
Would the Prime Minister commit himself to reading this chapter 20 of the Porter Royal Commission report?

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