April 4, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. TEMPLEMAN: (Minister of Mines; Minister of Inland Revenue)


1. For the year 1908-9 the number of vessels entered inwards from sea at the port of Quebec was 334.
2. 1,244,380 tons (registered tonnage).
3. Of these 316 were British vessels, 3 were United States vessels, 9 were Norweg-

ian and Swedish vessels, 5 were Danish vessels, 1 was a Spanish vessel.
4. The customs returns do not make a distinction between British registered and Canadian registered vessels.
5. In the wet dock 1,000 lineal feet frontage for coal cargoes, 600 lineal feet frontage for general cargoes. In the tidal harbour, 1,200 lineal feet frontage for general cargoes. River face breakwater, 1,700 lineal feet frontage for passengers and goods. Point a Carey, 400 lineal feet frontage for general cargoes. Point a Carey inside berth 300 lineal feet frontage for coasting vessels. Shed accommodation, general freight, 225,965 superficial feet floor area. Cold storage, 100,000 cubic feet refrigerated space.
6. No allotments of berths were made except to the Canadian Pacific Railway Empress boats, and the Dominion and Nova Scotia Coal Companies. The other lines of steamers were given each trip suitable berths.
7. Available berths for sea-going vessels. In wet dock 3,100 lineal feet frontage; in tidal harbour, 2,310 lineal feet frontage; River front, 3,010 lineal feet frontage; total frontage, 8,420 lineal feet frontage. Shed accommodation 214,700 superficial feet floor area. Cold storage, none.

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