February 9, 1976 (30th Parliament, 1st Session)


Jack Marshall

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Jack Marshall (Humber-St. George's-St. Barbe):

Mr. Speaker, I wish to move a motion under Standing Order 43 on a matter of urgent and pressing necessity. The failure of an air search to locate two lost seal hunters off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, the second failure in a month, prompts the vital necessity to consider a redeployment of the air-sea rescue forces. I therefore move, seconded by the hon. member for St. John's East (Mr. McGrath):
That the task force report on Canada's national search and rescue policy, recently completed, be referred immediately to a combined committee of members of the Transport and Communications, External Affairs and National Defence and Fisheries and Forestry committees, to review the report in order to recommend to cabinet action of the highest priority, the redeployment of air-sea rescue forces and lifeboat bases in the Atlantic region.

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