March 10, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. A. W.@

PUTTEE (Winnipeg) moved for leave to introduce Bill (No. 32) to amend the Conciliation Act of 1900. He said : The object of the Bill is to widen the scope and extend the application of the present Conciliation Act. That Act is restricted to the sphere of voluntary conciliation, but although it has only been in force during the past two years, it has become evident that its scope should be extended. During the past year there have been industrial disturbances which the Act was unable to touch. At present, when differences occur between employers and employees, the minister has power to order an inquiry, and then he may, on the application of either employer or employee, appoint a conciliator, and in addition, on the application of both parties to the dispute, he may appoint an arbitrator, who will proceed with the arbitration and make an award, but acceptance or observance of the award is not compulsory in any respect. The object of my amendment is to broaden the scope of the law by giving a greater initiative to the Labour Department, in the first place, and in the second place by giving the minister power to appoint an arbitrator, on the application of one of the parties to the dispute. This arbitrator will have authority to take evidence under oath, and give a decision, indicating a basis of settlement, a copy of which will be sent to each of the parties and be also published in the ' Labour Gazette.' In the present Act, public opinion and the desire to do justice is what is relied upon to make it operative, and it seems to me that the publication of the award of an independent arbitrator is likely to be more effective.
There is also in my Bill a further provision which I think very necessary, namely, that in no agreement arrived at, either as the result of conciliation or arbitration, must there be any clause compelling an employee to give up membership in any local, national
Bill (No. 33) to amend the Criminal Code.- Mr. German.

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