March 23, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Industrial Disputes Investigation Act Amt. B.@

AYLESWORTH (Minister of Justice) moved for leave to introduce Bill (No. 188) to amend the Act respecting the National Battlefields at Quebec. He said: The purpose of this Bill is to
remove some of the practical difificulties which the commission having charge of the National Battlefields at Quebec have experienced under the statute, by which they were created two years ago. Provision is made in that statute that, in case it is desired to acquire property which has to be expropriated, the provisions of the Railway Act are to be followed. But a literal compliance with the provisions of the Railway Act, with regard to the expropriation of property, would necessitate the filing of plans and the taking of other formal steps which are scarcely applicable to the circumstances of the acquisition of property for the purposes of the National Battlefields Commission. To get rid of that difficulty, and to provide a more ready, and as we think, a more efficient means for carrying out the purposes for which the commission was constituted, this Bill proposes to repeal that section of the original statute and to substitute for it the section contained in the Bill, under which the provisions of the Expropriation Act will be followed. The original statute con-

stituting the commission requires that all propositions for the acquisition of real estate, before being acted upon by the commission, shall be sanctioned by parliament. The effect of the change in procedure which this Bill, if adopted, will in troduce, will merely be that, after parliament has given its approval to the proposition to acquire any particular piece of property for the purposes of the commission, the proceedings, in case expropriation is necessary, shall be in accordance with the general provisions of the expropriation Act, and the price of the property to be paid by the commission shall be settled by proceedings taken in the Exchequer Court.

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