March 14, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Henry Sharpe

Conservative (1867-1942)


The minister has time and again spoken of these people as being divided into two classes. Of course, we all admit that some of them are fairly good settlers. If we could be sure of getting only that kind, I do not think there are many in western Canada who would object to more of them coming. But what we do object to is the government bringing into our decent settlements such people as were described by my hon. friend from Dauphin (Mr. Campbell) a few minutes ago. Would it be possible, under this new Bill, to prevent this undesirable class from coming into Canada? If not, I would advise the minister to have these people settle in Ottawa in all their native glory and in all their nakedness. Then the members of parliament from one end of Canada to the other would see the kind of people who have been sent into western Canada. As showing the wide range from which our immigrants are drawn, I may say that there are 49 different languages spoken in Winnipeg alone. There is no doubt that this foreign immigration are

not only filling our jails and asylums in western Canada, but, as shown by the returns brought down, the asylums and jails of Ontario as well. Will the minister tell me whether it is possible for these undesirables, such as he has described, to come into Canada under this new Bill?

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