April 16, 1975 (30th Parliament, 1st Session)


Prosper Boulanger


Mr. Boulanger:

Mr. Speaker, the answer just given by my colleague, the hon. member for Richelieu (Mr. Cote) was a small part of my speech. I should not exceed 20

minutes since the mover and his party, the Social Credit of Canada are willing to hear me for about 20 minutes. I will try to interest them and make them understand certain things. I do not know as member for a small town on the island of Montreal, if they wonder why I rise to speak.
First, a few hours ago, I was talking with one of my best friends who is simply a longshoreman, an honest man who has earned his living for 30 years in Montreal harbour and who knows that there has been a debate taking place here since 8 o'clock. The first thing he did was to congratulate the mover, the member for Bellechasse (Mr. Lambert), for this emergency debate, and that proves that he is a serious and sincere man. But he told me, a few hours ago, that we should not forget that the speeches we will hear tonight could bring certain of our members to start a small rebellion that there is a more serious conflict than you would think. Then I asked him the reason? I am speaking as a Montrealer, not as a farmer because I do not know agriculture. I do not know if that will please some of my colleagues in my party because that is the opinion of a worker, a longshoreman but expressed so eloquently by my colleague from Richelieu (Mr. Cote). He is afraid that we are preparing an early measure forcing them to return to work. They have been fearing a little for a few hours already. Is it that fear-
I do not have any details to give because there is a part I can tell, and the other does not concern the House.
I will tell you the part that concerns us. When one talks of a friend, of a worker, if one does not have respect for the friendship of a worker who confides anything to you, that is a proof that one does not have any dignity at all.
So the part I want to tell you about a man I did not and I will not name is that he fears the government, and particularly when he refers to the Minister of Agriculture, that the government should proceed too rapidly to reach a decision within a few hours. I answered: There is no question of a few hours.

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