March 14, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Arthur Cyril Boyce

Conservative (1867-1942)


Then, upon the minister's own statement, there is no renort of the Conservation Commission on this Bill; and if we accept this letter from the chairman as the judgment of the Conservation Com mission, the hon. minister must see how dangerous a precedent we are etsablishing in dealing with the natural resources of this country. This is a precedent which the hon. Minister of Agriculture himself (Mr. Fisher) is supporting by his attitude in the House. It was he who explained last session the great value of this commission for the conservation of our nat ural resources in dealing with just such cases as this affecting federal, provincial and municipal matters, and I appeal to him, as a responsible minister of the Crown, not to allow this matter to be dealt with simply by one member of that commission. I ask him to see that where there has been a reference to the commission, that commission shall pass upon it as a body and not have it simply dealt with by one of its members, no matter how distinguished that member may be. It is the report of the commission as a whole that the parliament of Canada is entitled to, and that report the minister should see that parliament obtains.

Topic:   EDITION.
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