March 7, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Joseph Henri Napoléon Bourassa



Mr. Speaker, before you leave the Chair, I wish to bring before the House a matter that has been talked of a good deal in this House and outside of it, with reference to a statement which I made some days ago as to declarations made by the late Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Sir Louis Davies, in relation I to the abrogation of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty, and the settlement of the Alaskan boundary question. A couple of days after I had made that statement I received from Sir Louis Davies the following letter :
The Supreme fcourt of Caaada.
February, 21, 1902. Dear Mr. Bourassa,-My attention has been called to the report of your speech in the House of Commons on your motion for papers in re the Clayton-Bulwer treaty in which you credit me with having made the statement that I 'had spent three months in London trying to get the officers of Mr. Chamberlain to take the part of Canada at the sittings of the Anglo-American Commission.'
May I ask you for your authority for attributing to me such an extraordinary statement ?
Faithfully yours,

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