March 11, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Henry Robert Emmerson



Before the orders of the day are called, I desire to rise to a question of privilege. In the Votes and Proceedings of yesterday, while my name appears as having voted against the amendment of the hon. member for Hastings (Mr. Northrup), it is omitted in the record of the vote on the main motion. This omission occurs both in the Votes and Proceedings and ' Hansard.' It is obvious that some error has been made, because it will be remembered distinctly that the vote on the main motion was exactly as was the vote on the amendment, but the total in the main motion, as recorded in the Votes and Proceedings and ' Hansard,' is put down at 118, whereas it was announced by the clerk of the House as 119. I think all hon. members will recollect the fact that I was present at both divisions, that I voted against the amendment to the main motion and in favour of the main motion, and I would ask that both ' Hansard ' and Votes and Proceedings be corrected in that regard, so as to conform with what actually took place.

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