February 5, 1975 (30th Parliament, 1st Session)


Bruce Halliday

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Bruce Halliday (Oxford):

Mr. Speaker, I rise on a question of urgent and pressing necessity under Standing Order 43. This House is, of course, aware that Canadian farmers producing tobacco, tomatoes, sugar beets, fruits and similar crops rely on offshore and Mexican labour in harvesting these crops due to the reluctance of Canadians to take this type of employment. In the past the government has permitted the seasonal entry of such labour. Due to the depressing unemployment forecast for 1975, there are reports that the government will prohibit such seasonal immigration this year. Our farmers who produce these crops are presently in a state of uncertainty in planning the size of their crops for the spring planting which will shortly be upon them. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, with consent, I move, seconded by the hon. member for Norfolk-Haldimand (Mr. Knowles):
That the Minister of Manpower and Immigration assure this House that the government will continue in 1975 the policy of permitting the entry into Canada of offshore and Mexican labour as seasonal farm labour in order that the farmer-producers of tobacco, tomatoes, sugar beets, fruits and similar crops may make a full contribution to the national economy.

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