March 7, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. FISHER: (Minister of Agriculture)


1. Yes, two sleeping cars.
2. They are being built, under contract, by the Silliker Car Company, at Halifax, Nova Scotia.
3. Tenders were invited by circular letter dated Tuesday, November 9, 1909.
4. Three tenders were received as follows The Dominion Car and Foundry Company, of Montreal, $23,500; the Preston Car and Coach Company, Preston, Ontario, $19,000; the Sillikfer Car Company, Limited, Halifax, $20,800. The Preston Car and Coach Company, though submitting an offer which was the lowest for the first-class sleeping cars, were unable to make delivery at a date to meet the requirements of the railway, viz., by the 1st of July, 1910. The Silliker Car Company, who made the next lowest offer, undertook to deliver these cars by the 1st of July 1910, as entered in their contract, therefore it was recommended that their offer for two first-class sleeping cars at $20,800 be accepted,
5. The cost of each car, as per tender, is $20,800. The work is being carried on as per tender, contract and specification.

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