February 28, 1910 (11th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. D. D. McKENZIE .@Cape Breton

I did not attribute that to the leader of the opposition. If the hon. member (Mr. Daniel), wants to know who made that statement, I may tell him it was the member for Medicine" Hat (Mr. Magrath). My hon. friend from St. John (Mr. Daniel), may rest satisfied that

I do not belong to the class or tribe that misquotes people. If he has anything else to do he can rest content that he has nothing to watch in me, because my training and experience in life has been along other lines, and I have made my living in situations where it would be little benefit for me to misquote, because I would be brought to time very soon for it. On the other hand the hon. gentleman (Mr. Daniel) belongs to the medical profession and he may be able to hide his mistakes under the ground, but those in my. profession cannot do that.

Topic:   *FEBRUARY 28, 1910 QUESTIONS.
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