May 7, 1974 (29th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Pierre Elliott Trudeau (Prime Minister)


Mr. Trudeau:

It is very unusual to defeat a government on its budget. I can understand why, because even though the budget may not go as far as the expectations of the various parties, yet it does bring relief to people, it does redistribute in one way wealth from the rich to the poor; and that is why we believe this particular timing, with these pieces of legislation on the order paper, is particularly irresponsible.
There is one final effect which I neglected to mention, and that is that the election expenses legislation, which has been demanded for so long by the leader of the NDP (Mr. Lewis), has not yet been passed. Finally, when they have a chance to have an election under this new legislation, they prefer to pull the plug before we are caught up in that legislation.

Mr. Speaker, may I say in concluding in a very clear and final way that the Liberal government-and I think I said it often enough-does not want a general election at this time. We want to serve the mandate we were elected for by the people of this country and we share the opinion of the Social Credit Party in that respect.
Having said that, Mr. Speaker, I would like to add that we will look forward to the vote on the proposed amendments. We are ready for the vote on the budget. If the Tories and the NDPs want to put an end to this 29th Parliament we will make it a point to see that they answer for it before the people of this country. Not only do we undertake to show the Canadian people that the Liberal party was ready to have all measures on the order adopted, but we promise them that they will see a Liberal party ready and able to fight in an election and to lead to victory all its candidates across the country whose heart is beating, whose brains are thinking and whose hands are working for freedom and justice.

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